Unanticipated events – from disease, to international trade-policy, to shifts in consumer tastes, can trigger major disruption to business and supply chains. It pays to be agile, insightful, ready. Discover how.

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Business Agility
3D printing brings business agility and efficiency for General Motors. Transformation powered by additive manufacturing helps GM move faster, cut costs and tackle Covid-19 supply chain disruption head on.
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Speed to Market
Boom Supersonic is using 3D printing to challenge what's possible in commercial flight, from prototyping to jigs and fixtures to flight parts. At every step, Stratasys helps Boom get to market faster.
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Streamlined Processes
Siemens partnership with Stratasys helped streamline processes and reduce production lead times from weeks to days, making one-off part production a cost-effective solution for their customers
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Get ready to gain your competitive advantage.

Accelerate product development, achieve digital business transformation, future-proof supply chains and grow your business. This new whitepaper outlines some of the ways 3D printing is helping transform business, and gets you started on your journey.

What you’ll learn…

  • The business drivers for 3D printing
  • 3D printing across the product lifecycle
  • How to make a compelling business case for 3D printing
  • Getting started – a strategy to drive and sustain change

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3D printing is transforming your industry.

Every day, Stratasys collaborates with business leaders to optimize operations, unleash creativity and manage supply chain disruption. We create tailored solutions that work for every industry. From dental to automotive, our partners are redefining the limits of manufacturing through 3D printing.


3D printing is helping Eckhart improve the lives of factory-floor workers.

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INFN reduces costs by 90% with agile manufacturing.

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Dynaflex use the J700 for accurate, high-output of clear aligners.

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Children's Hospital Colorado turns to anatomical models to treat congenital heart disease.

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Consumer Products

Kinetic Vision uses 3D printing to sell unique features of AeroFlexx liquid packaging.

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Angel Trains and DB ESG 3D-print spare train parts to reduce lead times by 94%.

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Questions about 3D printing?

How is 3D printing affecting the supply chain? How do disruptive technologies enable supply chain evolution? How does additive manufacturing lead to agile manufacturing? When does it make sense to use 3D printing for end-use production parts? How does 3D printing speed new product design and development?

There are so many questions our partners come to us with.

If you’re not sure how 3D printing fits, or you’re interested in building a business case but don’t know where to start, we’re here for you. Wherever you are in your 3D printing journey we’ll help you be ready.

3D Printing FAQs
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