Fortus 450mc Move up to industrial additive manufacturing.

Harness the speed, cost and material advantages of industrial FDM additive manufacturing. The Fortus 450mc delivers accurate, reliable performance that lets you transform supply chains, accelerate manufacturing and reduce production costs.

Fortus450 printer
Fortus 450mc
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Prototypes, tooling and production parts.

Whether you need accurate prototypes, strong manufacturing aids or on-demand end-use parts, the Fortus 450mc can tackle your application. It offers the materials you need to meet demanding production applications in any industry. From soft jaw tooling to ESD-capable space components, the Fortus 450mc is the additive manufacturing multi-tool.

Fortus 450mc applications:

Close up of prototype produced by Fortus450.


Bypass the high cost and lead time of traditional prototyping. Accelerate product development with 3D printed functional prototypes made with durable polymers. Carbon fiber, polycarbonate, PEI and PEKK are some of the strong materials available for fast prototyping to validate your design.

Close up of tool in mold for Fortus450.

Jigs, fixtures and workholding

Reduce CNC machine setup time by up to 80% and free up CNC capacity using 3D printed workholding tools. The Fortus 450mc’s design freedom and carbon fiber material let you make workholding tools faster and for less cost. Other 3D printed jigs and fixtures offer lightweighting and ergonomic benefits over machined metal tooling in addition to time and cost savings.

large quantity of part aligned on table.

End-use parts

The Fortus 450mc is the ideal on-demand solution for cost-effective manufacture of low-volume and bridge-to-production parts. Tool-less 3D printing means parts can be produced much faster and for lower cost, bypassing the traditional supply chain.

The alternative to CNC machining.

When challenged to find alternative solutions to traditional manufacturing methods, the team at UK-based John Crane looked to 3D printing and settled on the Fortus 450mc. It wasn’t long before that investment made an immediate impact on the manufacturer’s production process. See how the industrial grade Fortus 450mc helps John Crane overcome traditional manufacturing challenges and grow its 3D printing capability from tooling to production parts.

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Fortus 450mc materials.

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Exploit a broad range of materials to handle applications in virtually any industry. Standard thermoplastics support general 3D printing applications and also include ESD compliant and biocompatible versions of ABS. Engineering and high-performance materials including nylon, carbon fiber, PEI and PEKK provide the right properties for demanding applications.

ULTEM is a registered trademark of SABIC or its affiliates.

Creating opportunity with the Fortus 450mc.

Creating opportunity with the Fortus 450mc.

East/West Industries is a tier-one manufacturer for major aerospace OEMs. It maximizes the utility of its Fortus 450mc, employing it for multiple applications to better serve its customers. Watch the video to see how East/West leverages additive manufacturing to help it achieve top supplier status.

Fortus 450mc delivers:

Demonstrated industrial performance.
Demonstrated by over 1800 worldwide installations, Fortus 450mc printers deliver results that manufacturers rely on. Tool up, prototype and produce faster and for lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing.
Accurate and repeatable results.
Stratasys FDM printers set the standard for repeatable print results that accurately reflect your CAD model. For consistent production in industrial printing applications, you can rely on the Fortus 450mc.
Data protection.
ProtectAM data security safeguards sensitive printer system information and provides ongoing security of information processing. This includes U.S. DOD STIG compliance, enabled by Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® software.

Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Compare the Fortus 450mc printer.

F370 printer


F770 printer


Fortus450 printer

Fortus 450mc

F900 printer


Tray size and build plate shape

Tray size and build plate shape

14 x 10 x 14 in.
(355 x 254 x 355 mm)

39 x 24 x 24 in.
(1,000 x 610 x 610 mm)

16 x 14 x 16 in.
(406 x 355 x 406 mm)

36 x 24 x 36 in.
(914 x 610 x 914 mm)


(printed synonymously)



Cartridge capacity

Cartridge capacity

Up to 90 cu in.

200 cu in.

Up to 500 cu in.

Up to 500 cu in.

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Lower production costs with new 3D printed materials.

The days of believing 3D printing isn't a manufacturing technology are over. As polymer material advancements continue, more manufacturers are realizing the cost benefits of additive manufacturing in lieu of traditional methods. This white paper highlights how several companies are using the Fortus 450mc and its material capabilities to develop and produce products faster and for lower cost.

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Print directly from your CAD model, without time-wasting file conversion. Get familiar with the software that powers the Fortus 450mc’s CAD-to-print simplicity.

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